Jul 6, 2012
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Jakiro – Twin Head Dragon dota 2 Skills Item Build guide

JakiroHeroes List of DOTA 2. Read more ... » – Twin Head Dragon dota 2Free to Play The Movie Trailer DOTA 2. Read more ... » SkillsUndying, Disruptor July 5th 2012 Dota 2 - Patch Notes. Read more ... » ItemLearning Dota2 part 2: How to use ITEM to play - item build. Read more ... » BuildUndying, Disruptor July 5th 2012 Dota 2 - Patch Notes. Read more ... » guideUndying, Disruptor July 5th 2012 Dota 2 - Patch Notes. Read more ... ». Jakiro the Twin Head Dragon is a ranged intelligenceNerif, the Oracle the Intelligence Hero DotA 6.78. Read more ... » HeroDota 2 Hero Kunkka Preview. Read more ... » who features powerful abilities with slow casting animations. Requiring good timing and positioning in order to be effective, his high StrengthAlchemist - Razzil Darkbrew dota 2 Skills Build guide. Read more ... » gain makes him a bit tougher than most spellcasters. Jakiro is great at pushing lanes and farming. His low cooldowns ensure that his downtime is very miniscule, making him a great Hero to bring around for ganks, pushes and even clashes in the opponents’ or his team’s own base. Even among magical beasts, a twin-headed dragon is a freak. Equals parts ice and fire, cunning and rage, the creature known as Jakiro glides over charred and ice-bound battlefields, laying waste to all who would bear arms against it. Pyrexae dragon clutches always contain to fledglings. Famous for their viciousness even from the first moments of life, newly hatched dragons of this species will try to kill their sibling while still in the nest. Only the strongest survive. In this way is the strength of the Pyrexae line ensured. By some accident of nature, the freak Jakiro hatches from a single egg, combining in a single individual the full range of abilities found within the diverse Pyrexae species. Trapped within the armature of its monstrous body, the powers of ice and fire combine, and now no enemy is safe.

Jakiro – Twin Head Dragon Skills Build
Jakiro SkillShadow Demon dota 2 Skills Item Build guide. Read more ... » 1: Dual Breath (Q)
An icy blast followed by a wave of fire launches out in a path in front of Jakiro. The ice slows enemies, while the fire delivers damage over time. Range: 500; Radius: 200 (Starting radius) / 500 (Distance) / 250 (Final radius); Duration: 4; Damage: 35/70/105/140; Burn damage: 5/10/15/20; Movement speed slow: 30%; Attack speed slow: 20%

Jakiro Skill 2: Ice Path (W)
Creates a path of ice in front of Jakiro. After 0Watch DOTA 2 International Championships 2012. Read more ... ».5 second, the path explodes and freezes nearby enemy units. Range: 1100; Radius: 150; Duration: 1/1.33/1.66/2

Jakiro Skill 3: Liquid Fire (E)
Straight from the belly of the beast, Jakiro slowly harnesses Liquid Fire when he attacks to burn his victims, and slow their attacks. Duration: 5; Radius: 175; Damage per second: 10/15/20/25; Attack speed reduction: 20%/30%/40%/50%

Jakiro Skill 4: Macropyre (R)
Jakiro unleashes a line of pulsing flame strikes in front of him. Each flame strike deals damage per second for 5 seconds, and has a 225 AOE radius. Cast range: 850 (1150*); Radius: 225; Duration: 7; Damage per second: 100/140/180 (125/175/225*); Effect distance: 900 (1350*) With Aghanim’s Scepter: Damage and Area of Effect increased.

1 – Dual Breath
2 – Ice Path
3 – Dual Breath
4 – Liquid Fire
5 – Dual Breath
6 – Liquid Fire
7 – Dual Breath
8 – Liquid Fire
9 – Liquid Fire
10 – Macropyre
11 – Macropyre
12 – Ice Path
13 – Ice Path
14 – Ice Path
15 – Stats
16 – Macropyre
17 to 25 – Stats

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